Vita Nova means “new life.”

The name applies on more than one level.  

Founder Paul Mattson began a new life as a massage therapist out of a desire to blend his passion for health and fitness with his career in the helping professions as a social worker.  

Vita Nova is also aptly named because we hope to give “new life” to our clients through the healing art of massage therapy.

At Vita Nova Massage, we will work with anybody who is medically able to receive massage, but we have a special welcome to those who might not ordinarily receive massage for any reason.  
If you have less-than-positive body image, discomfort with touch, or a bad past experience with massage or other body-workers or medical professionals, Vita Nova Massage will work to make you comfortable.  We have massage and bodywork techniques that involve no clothing removal and no touch!
We also have a variety of massage and bodywork techniques for the experienced or “seasoned” massage-getter, from Swedish and relaxation massage to more intense therapies like deep tissue work, neuromuscular re-education, and trigger points.

Vita Nova is based in the northwestern Metropolitan Detroit area.  Out-call services are also available.

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